Thank you for your interest in the "Cruz Machine". I am proud to have brought together these wonderfully
talented individuals who now form the "Machine".      
Together we have created an incredible sound and a show that is truly dynamic and full of diversity. It
has been a pleasure to work with them from the very beginning and I look forward to wonderful and
fulfilling success with the band.
For booking availability and pricing you may contact me via Facebook at your convenience and the
"Machine" looks forward to hearing from you.

Ashly Cruz

"Cruz Machine" is available for nearly all events, including fund raising events (depending on cause, circumstances, and the
bands availability), but reserves the right to refuse any gigs related to political, and/or religious  promotion/forums as well as
from any individual group or organization who in any way is determined by a majority of the band or the general public to be
unsavory or in pursuit of any inappropriate endeavors. All payments including those made in advance for the "Cruz Machine's"
services are non-refundable barring the inability of the "Cruz Machine" to fulfill its obligation to payee's do to unavoidable
circumstances which are determined solely to be the fault of the "Cruz Machine".